Linda & Christopher

We have visited Cumbria every year for the past 30 years staying in every good property we could find with our growing family. The more we came the more we loved Cumbria and so two years ago we decided to buy our dream cottage that we could call our own.

Our aim was to create an oasis full of character and luxury where we could come together with our family or friends and also share with guests. When we saw Glen Bank we didn’t hesitate and after a year of extensive remodeling we are on our way!

We hope that you will enjoy your experience at Glen Bank and have tried to think of everything to ensure that you do. We wanted to design an intimate environment full of art, interesting artefacts and beautiful furniture. There is also extensive outside space with many seating and eating areas crowned off with a spectacular deck to make the most of the views.

The Eden Valley is a beautiful area and we are very fortunate to have the Lakes, the Yorkshire Dales and the Pennines on our doorstep. If you don’t want to drive, there are many fabulous walks right here so you can choose from a huge variety of options. We have provided a large stock of maps, walks and recommended attractions that you can find in the library.

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